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Friday, July 5, 2013


We see the same things day after day. They become normal, expected, boring.  It isn't until they change or are taken away that we see the true beauty and value. Every single day, I drive past this field at least four times. Some days, a lot more. I noticed its beauty one evening making my way home after an emotional day. This little place, with seemingly nothing in it, held such beauty and peace, it pulled me in. I began to notice the changes every day, each season, even the difference between morning and evening. It amazes me how a place with nothing in it changes so often.

Life changes when we least expect it.  As the seasons changed from winter into spring, my marriage ended. Our lives have changed, been shaken, tossed around, but we are still moving forward.  Life since then has been focused on caring for the kids, for myself and adapting to a new normal. In that process, the blog has been on the back burner, my words too personal and emotional to share here. As days have gone on, the seasons changing again,  I feel stronger, I feel my words returning & the fog of emotion has lifted. I am so grateful for friends, family, and even strangers who have offered support, humor and wisdom and for those of you who continue to support my love of sharing how I view the world with words and photographs. 

I have several sessions to share, several I wish I could share (have I mentioned how fun boudoir sessions are?) and working on revamping the Good The Bad, & The Mildly Entertaining soon! I am currently booking sessions for the end of the July through the fall (Including Senior Photographs for Class of 2014- now is the time!!) so please contact me to book early! Thank you for all of your love, patience & support!


Ryan said...

I'm very happy to see a blog again, and even more happy to call you my friend!!

Terri said...

That was wonderfully written my friend. And have I told you how fun your boudoir sessions are :) I for one am so glad we meet and there are very few people that I am comfortable with and I was the minute I met you. Be happy and take time for Alison!

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