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Friday, July 26, 2013

Vows & Salt Water- Coastal Maine Elopement Photographer

It was meant to be. They met because of a gift. It was chance, it was fate, it was a million different things, but it was the right thing. The way they look at each other, laugh together, finish each others stories and, most importantly, the way they love one another than makes it clear, from the very first instant you meet them, it was meant to be.
Shelly and Chris exchanged vows and rings on Hermit Island, a coastal slice of heaven I never knew existed. It was quiet, personal, emotional, intimate and perfect. I was honored they invited me to capture such a personal time with them.
Watching these two together just made me smile. Like, all the way to my toes smile. 
Oh Petro, you are still incredibly gorgeous!

I had the hardest time picking a favorite of these, but I think this one is the winner.
Pardon me while I get juvenile for a moment: Shelly & Chris, sitting in a tree (come on you know you want to sing) K-I-S-S-I-N-G...
We walked onto the beach and all three of us knew this photograph had to happen. Definitely a close second for my favorite.

Shelly and Chris, I cannot thank you enough for asking me to join you for this amazing day. It was so wonderful to witness your love, meet Chris and catch up.  I could have stayed for many more hours laughing and talking and we will definitely be hanging out together soon, I need to meet your beautiful beautiful girl! Much love to you both!!

Friday, July 5, 2013


We see the same things day after day. They become normal, expected, boring.  It isn't until they change or are taken away that we see the true beauty and value. Every single day, I drive past this field at least four times. Some days, a lot more. I noticed its beauty one evening making my way home after an emotional day. This little place, with seemingly nothing in it, held such beauty and peace, it pulled me in. I began to notice the changes every day, each season, even the difference between morning and evening. It amazes me how a place with nothing in it changes so often.

Life changes when we least expect it.  As the seasons changed from winter into spring, my marriage ended. Our lives have changed, been shaken, tossed around, but we are still moving forward.  Life since then has been focused on caring for the kids, for myself and adapting to a new normal. In that process, the blog has been on the back burner, my words too personal and emotional to share here. As days have gone on, the seasons changing again,  I feel stronger, I feel my words returning & the fog of emotion has lifted. I am so grateful for friends, family, and even strangers who have offered support, humor and wisdom and for those of you who continue to support my love of sharing how I view the world with words and photographs. 

I have several sessions to share, several I wish I could share (have I mentioned how fun boudoir sessions are?) and working on revamping the Good The Bad, & The Mildly Entertaining soon! I am currently booking sessions for the end of the July through the fall (Including Senior Photographs for Class of 2014- now is the time!!) so please contact me to book early! Thank you for all of your love, patience & support!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Balloons & Blossoms- Lewiston Auburn Childrens Photographer

365 days. One year. Warnings about how fast time flies by are passed out like candy during pregnancy and when little ones arrive. Turns out they are right. Last January, I photographed Bre's maternity session. In those short months, I have photographed this amazing little girl five times. She has grown and changed so much in that short time and this family has as well. I have loved every single  moment of it. Seeing her taking a few tentative steps already reminds me just how quick it passes by!

We spent a recent rainy morning in the studio for Lyla's one year cake smash. She was more interested in the balloons at first, but soon got into her beautiful pink cake!
She wasn't crazy about the taste of the cake but really enjoyed painting with the frosting!

The weather cooperated with us the next weekend as the apple trees bloomed. We spend some time exploring the orchard at Willow Pond Farm looking at the blooms, the pond and the flowers. Lyla is curious about everything- touching, talking and in some cases tasting everything!

Love this one of Lyla and her mom! Bre, you are gorgeous!

This last shot was just before Lyla decided that dandelions must be for eating!

Tyler, Bre and Lyla, I am honored to have been able to watch and document this past year of your life! Watching you evolve as a family and Lyla grow into such a sweet, bright, independent little girl has been so much fun! I will have your full gallery for you soon!!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Brothers & Babies- Auburn Maine Newborn Family Photographer

They chose to be surprised. For them, it wasn't about pink or blue, boy or girl. It was about knowing whoever this little person was, he or she was the part of their family who was meant to be. When it was time, the baby arrived, healthy and happy, and a perfect fit to their family. And he happened to be a boy. 

Meet Damian at two weeks old.  
I was so excited when Amy contacted me to photograph their newly expanded family! We had so much fun last summer when we explored the Bates campus together for their family pictures. To meet Damian for the first time and catch this smile was just priceless!

Damian is just perfection with his sweet personality, amazing little lips and so much hair! He was a champion sleeper as well while I moved him all over the place!

Julian happens to be the awesomest big brother ever created. That and he is way too much fun to play with and kicks a mean soccer ball!

Love this!
Amy and Estevan, thank you so much for inviting me to photograph your growing family! I had such a great time, and honestly, you have two simply amazing boys! I will have your full gallery for you to view shortly!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Baby Dolls & Cereal Puffs- Lewiston Maine Children's Photographer

 Just a couple of months makes all of the difference- She can sit, she is on the verge of crawling, she babbles, she is shy when faced with new things, and she loves her cereal puffs. But somethings are still the same. She is beautiful, sweet, has a smile that would melt an iceberg, loves her mom and dad and she is totally gaa-gaa for her big brother.

Meet Hannah at 8 months.

 That awesome big brother also let me photograph him. He is cute beyond words, an excellent dancer and knows his animal sounds better than any two year old in the history of the world!

Thank you Pat and Amanda for coming out to enjoy a gorgeous spring day with me! You have some amazing kids and I can't wait until our next one!

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